A horse used for therapy must be treated with respect.  Our horses are cared for in a natural way and natural horsemanship is practiced.

Our horses:

Django Django: Irish Cob gelding, born 2000, 1m40. 
A quite, relaxed horse used for duo-sits.
Billy Billy: Irish Cob gelding, born 2002, 1m40.
A loving, inquisitive horse with lively movement.
Lady Lady: New Forest pony mare, born 2002, 1m35. She is energetic, intelligent, loving and patient with our special riders.  She is a sensitive pony that plays an educational role for children with behavior problems. 
Florinette Redevco Florinette Redevco: Freiberger, born 2004, 1m50. She's very sweet and sturdy
  • The Healing Horse